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Close Your Eyes And Settle... [entries|friends|calendar]

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haha [03 Feb 2005|06:14pm]
[ mood | happyness? ]

hmm i just got back from geetar. damn bored. im having fun listening to my lovley emo banddddd hawthorne heights.

somebody wrote emo on my white sweatshirt, on the back of the hood.
at lunch tias all like "EMO!" and im just like "wha..?" then everyone keeps saying "YOUR EMO IS SHOWING!!!" haha. im fucking pissed though. i think brian did it cuz he asked to see my sweatshirt. whatever. it wont come off :( so that pissed me off. but im getting a new sweatshirt on monday yaayy. thank god.

highlight of the day: threw lettuce at jason and yelled "HAPPY NEW YEAR" ^.^

come to..umm the something center on saturday. im going with some people, just to hang and watch the bands. its gonna be cool.

talk again later.

♥ love you all
[x] michelle [x]

you stupid a hole

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[29 Jan 2005|07:44pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i still have nothing to talk about. i really have no life.

im performing tomorrow with tia and eren.
pretty excited bout that.
i know im gonna screw up and make a complete fool of myself
haha im a fricken loser

i dont know what else to type. this thingy is getting boring

<3 michelle

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[26 Jan 2005|06:05pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

im having so many problems right now...

i feel like complete shit

will someone just kill me so the pain will go away?

fuck it. fuck it all

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theres always a different story behind it all... [22 Jan 2005|02:36pm]
[ mood | blah ]

im bored as hell. for some reason im never in the mood to type in this shitt hole anymore. well i shouldnt say shit hole. my life is more like a shit hole. if i had more exciting things happenin, maybe i would type in this dang thang more. but what is there to say. umm...well theres alot of fucked up people in this world and its fricken c r a z y. i cant stand people like that :(

holy frick.. two nites ago i watched the original version of the grudge.. dannnnnngggg it was scarey as fuck!! i had to watch like almost a whole season of aqua teen hunger force after, before i could fall asleep hahaha. im a wusssssy losa! its like alot more complex than the new version. its really confusing.. but it makes you think. its a better movie than the new one i think. goooo fucking seeeee itttt.

hmmm soo this weekend im pretty much stuck in the house cuz of the snow. fuck the snow. i love snow, but not today. because of the snow, i had to shovel the drive way. and do you know what pain and torture i went through? well hah not really. but dang was it fucking freezing. i came inside and my whole body like started burning up. then i started iching myself. and it was just really fucked up. well at least i didnt get any major frostbite.....ahhh

i have no life so im going to go watch another movie! fun eh? envy...some people have said it was good. looks kinda cheezy to me. but im gonna check it out.. haha come on really.. va poo rise? umm yeah thats shit there haha. they can think of a better name than that. how bout. vaporise. heh heh maybe?

if you anytime try calling my cell for now on. dont think im not there or im ignoring you or something if i dont pick up. its just...my cell phone is...haunted. hah. no joke seriously. it will start ringing when nobody is calling. like i would go up and check who be callin meh, and it would just be blank and i would just be like wat da fuuck...?! then i tried recording my YOUNGER sister cussin at me and it was fine until i listened to it.. it was some freaking ghost shit thing. i was like woah fuck...and i like drop my phone and ran away. and now it like turns on and off by its self...so sometimes my phone will be on sometimes is wont. and it vibrates for no reason sometimes too. like it would be in my pocket and start viberating. and i'd be like yaayy texties!!! but then it would be fucking nothing. gahhh fuck that.

Show media Loading...

check it out. its fucking awesome if ya ask me.^^

talk again latas maba

i love you allllllll
♥ Michelle Durst
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[21 Jan 2005|11:14am]
[ mood | cold ]

i havent talked in a while. well ive been grounded and lets just say busy but ill type again later cuz right now im fucking starving and im going to go eat

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im a fucking dip shit [09 Jan 2005|07:07pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

yea so i was cooking ramen noodles today..chicken..YEAH! haha um yeah then my little sister comes up to me and says "read my book!". she made a little book out of notebook paper. so i didnt wanna read it and i put it down. well, i have a gas burning stove, not electric. so flames come out when the gas is burning, like when you turn it on. so then i put it down and it gets caught in the flame. i dont notice till i come back to the stove and the paper and the stove and the wrapper are all on fucking fire!! i panic and get baking soda..and threw it everywhere.. then i had to clean it all up....yeah i know im a shit head hahahaha

thats basicly my day besides on the computer all day
and spending some time with my buddy jordyn.

leave some
michelle durst

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that is soo [09 Jan 2005|01:08pm]
[ mood | i dont know ]


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so theres this boy and he kinda broke my heart <3 [07 Jan 2005|11:03pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

i dont know.. i feel like shit.

came back from caps with my gurls.
found out some shit i never shoulda heard in the first place.
but then some good jazz all with that too :) i had fun jordyn, lauren , mia, brendan <3

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here i am as perfect as im gonna be..you'll see. love me for ||me||...... [05 Jan 2005|07:25pm]
[ mood | headache ]

i dont know.
just another day.

leave a comment if you will

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theres alot of shit to it ya know... <3 [04 Jan 2005|06:42pm]
[ mood | not sure... ]

yeah. i havent talked for a while. ive been grounded. dont ask haha. it was pretty lame. holy shit...its fricken 2005 now. god where have i been? the party i went to on new years was kickin. i totally got drunk. i went to chubbys... the naked eves party wahaha. naw, im just shittin ya. (haha brendan) but the "kids" champange stuff they gave us turned out to have achohol in it. that stuff tasted like shit ass anyway. cough medicine ugh jeesh. but no wonder... i drank alot of it and felt kinda..woooo and tired. haha. nice. (haha you know who that story you told me bout new years) well i know i had the best new years eve/new years ever. i spent it with eren. then after the party of course. eren i had LOTS of fun. ahh you made new year the best for me. haha. i wuv you.

anyways...theres nothing really new thats happenin. school can fuck it, as usual.
um, yea... and what else... OH! i love you eren soooooooo much!
its like not even funny. yaay! haha.
love is wunderbah thing ya know. *smiles* january 24th is a very bad day.*sob* god damn. oh well.

nothing more to say...

i love you
michelle durst♥

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dear me.. sorry for all the butterflys, its not my fault.. its his.. <3 [30 Dec 2004|03:42pm]
[ mood | bored ]


you know what i hate.. when guys wear pink belts.
and yeah whats up with the scarf waldo.. haha
only SOME guys look good in pink belts. otherwise all you guys reading this,
i would avoid those pink belts.
and george biggs...dont ever wear that hideous pink shirt again.
it wont make gurls like you. trust me. *hides*

my babi

yeah thats my baby. epiphone special II.
damn i could just kiss it looking at it.


i just noticed chris and spencer are wearing the same shirt in this pic.
hey guys, wearing the same clothes as your bud is so out of style. like come on.
yeah thats my hottie hidden in plain view band. check em out. there great.

nothing more to say..
leave some kisses
---michelle durst---

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she walks away from everything except him... because hes her everything. <3 [30 Dec 2004|03:23pm]
[ mood | pile of shit ]

i have no life. ive been on the computer since... i dont know. ive lost track of time. i feel like a pile of shit *smiles* aint that great!? i was supposed to go snowboarding with some friends but the weather is fucking shitty...ehh. ahh i dont give a fuck anymore. just shoot me. haha just kidding. im so not depressed. its gay how like your parents say you cant do this or that and it "ruins" your life. that what some people think as being "life sucks" is. but its really not. i try to enjoy life. well im not in the best mood right now...*shrug*.. maybe ill type again later i dont know.

leave one
michelle durst

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he has my entire <3 heart in his hands.... and he has NO idea hes holding it.. [29 Dec 2004|05:05pm]
[ mood | i dont know ]

i just got back from tias! me, eren and tia practiced for master class. ya know, jammin on our guitars and crap. and sat around and talked. it was fun. thanks for the great time tia :) yeah i dont know what else to type. i dont feel like typing anymore. buh bye my loves. leave me some smooches (comments)

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ill be your accident... if youll be my ambulance.. xx [28 Dec 2004|11:29am]
[ mood | yay mood ]

yeah todays better! *smiles* i dont feel sick anymore! maybe cuz i drank like 10 bottles of cough medicine...hmmm. did you know you can get high off of chough medicine haha our teacher told us. (cant you see i tried) haha jk. and yesterday guess who came in.... MAH BABI!!!! black epiphone special II guitar YES!!! it was suppose to be a les paul but this one is beautiful too. like when my dad ordered it he said it was a les paul but who knows what happened. but i dont care. ive been playing it all day and night haha. i put on a concert for my sister haha. she liked it. i can play every song on the american idiot cd except whatsername. HAHA YAY!! tomorrow i think im practicing for master class with tia and EREN haha. gonna go download more music. dont know what else to type.

leave me xoxo's
michelle durst

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this is a .44 calibur love letter... straight from my heart.. x|3 [27 Dec 2004|06:13am]
[ mood | feeling like shit ]

i dont think anyone could ever feel the way i do right now. i feel sooo sick. i cant sleep. at all. like this whole night. i would keep wakeing up in pain. then i'd fall asleep for like 2 mins and wake up again. plus everytime i sneeze, like a bomb explodes, and i like fall out of my bed. jeesh. i guess this is what christmas is about. being sick and misrable. well thats how my christmas was. not that christmas spiritful. i was more on the...gloomy side. right now i just wanna see my friends. (once i get better) i'll get better soon. when i get sick usually its for 2 days or so. then im good again so dont worry.

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dont make me wait forever.. just because you know i will.. xOx [26 Dec 2004|10:05am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

im bored. here at amy's house (my aunt). that party was funny. there is this thing call "white elephant" and you bring in a gift. who ever wants to play brings one in. and you pick a number out of the basket. and what ever number you get it when you pick your present. so you go up and pick your present. you dont know what it is or who it is from. and you can steal other peoples presents lol. we got a spongebob picture. cuz someone stole the purses gen got lol. it was kinda stoopid but then again funny cuz some of the gayest things were in there. like a wiggles cd? haha damn...what was that person thinking?! and my aunt amy got a NAKED ABS dvd HAHAHA! yeah, alot of my cousins turned into punks. those were my cousins i havent seen for like ever. they i have to admitt...they are hott! haha ewww gross. just pretend they werent my cousins! *wink wink* haha well kylie wants to use the computer for something...grrr cya

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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! [25 Dec 2004|10:48am]
[ mood | YAY ITS XMAS!! ]

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! yeah im in michigan right now. not having that much fun/getting ready for a party. a big party with all my cousins i havent seen for a long time yep... sometimes its fun to see how much they have changed. and like my aunt said, its not wrong to think your cousins are hott! LMAO gaahh this stupid laptop isnt working right. i get to have two christmas's!! i get double the presents! haha lucky me. we didnt even open any of our presents at home yet. well i gotta jet, my dad wants its back haha (before i ruin it)


eren i ♥ you sooooooooo damn much!!
i hope you had a great christmas!
i know i did just knowing the fact that i have you *smiles* lol

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Michelle Durst

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every second im with you..im a mess// [24 Dec 2004|03:07pm]
[ mood | bored as fuck ]

okay today has been the most fucking boring day ever. its xmas eve and im like dying. i just stuffed myself with cookies. my sister made them. damn are they good!! now i feel like throwing up though... eat too many xmas cookies = throw up. uh oh. *bites lip* my mom is getting back in an hour. and off to michigan i go. grrr. i didnt wanna go. oh well. plus jason is being a dick head. he wont give me, tia, eren, jordyn, backstage passes to the taste of chaos tour. he said he would only give em to us if he got lindsay lohan to flash him *shakes head* i dont know if thats possible. dont worry jason. we'll try *lies* JUST GIVE US THE GODDAMN PASSES! thank you. my dad said he got me a epiphone les paul. and its black. HELL YEAH black is the best color out there. he better not be lying. or im gonna slap him damn hard...lol naw, im not that mean. am i? i had a dream about someone last night. it was weird. i told tia. lol. eren was in it. hehe. that was the good part. well. i'll talk later. i dont know if you'll be hearing from me tomorrow. im gonna be in michigan.. ugh...

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such a peRfect crime if i stOle your heart n`d yOu stole mine. <33 [23 Dec 2004|11:30am]
[ mood | happy ]

yeah, i just woke up. probably going christmas shopping soon. that means shopping for you! and the family. haha. i havent bought any presents yet. except that pooper scooper i made in tech ed that i gave to jordyn. HAHA that was funny as hell. okay so i put it in a small box. then i put it in a bigger box. and bigger box. and that box in a bigger box. and it ended up looking like a huge present! with newspaper wrapped all around it. so i brang it to lunch and gave it to jordyn and she was like super happy... but then again sispicious. lol. then she opened it, (took her a damn long time), and screamed WOW!! now my sister can scoop up bibis poop with it! and then i added, and for your *ahem* problems *wink wink* OH YEAH hahaha! i love you sooooooo much jordyn! im so glad were friends again. and i dont ever wanna get in a fight ever with you again. if i ever do i will kill myself. just to let ya know. teehee. god im so mad. i woke up all ready to go shopping today! with a big smile on my face. and then my dad tells me. you better pack tonight. and im like what da fuckkkkk? and hes like were going to michigan for xmas. and im like NO COME ON DAD!! cant we spend our first christmas at our new cosy home? and hes like well some of your cousins you might never see again! (he made me feel bad) well i doubt any of them would die! we can see them during the summer!! and he likes so were going. and im like... if i write an essay about why we shouldnt go, would you change your mind. (i shouldnt have said that) NO WERE GOING. ahhhhh i hate life sometimes. now i know tomorrow were spending 7 hours driving to michigan. you know how that is...ugh.. well at least i have one thing to be happy about! eren!! eren i love you soooooooooooooooooooo much! i always have! i just kept it inside. like before...when you liked emily and emily liked you. i kinda was jelous. cuz i was like, well im never going to get him back. *tear* but now since were going out again omg i couldnt be happyier!! your just made my christmas wonderful eren! i love you oh so fucking much lol. your so hott *wink* haha. oh and kevin. stop asking younger people to have sex with you. thats including me and jordyn you horny bastard! god haha. today i have guitar lessons! practicing for the concert again probably. maybe this time, smells like teen spirit. and then after! i get to pick out my new ass guitar! hell yeah. im still thinking though. stratocaster, les paul, epiphone, prs. i dont know. im gonna look around. but i have a price limit.. stupid mofo parents gahhh. but anywho....i think i'll go now. i smell a yummy breakfast! and im hungry.

your the bestest boyfriend ever. i dont wanna loose you for a long time!

leave some kissez
xxmichelle durstxx

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i`d rather die a thOusand deaths than tO let yOu get the best Of me ___ x3 [21 Dec 2004|06:21pm]
[ mood | I LOVE YOU! ]

highlight of the day: i just asked my dad if it was okay that i went to the taste of chaos tour. he said yes!! im sooooooooo happy!! i cant wait!! hopefully jordyn can go too! i cant wait to see quinn♥

okay today was misrable. i hated it. besides performing all the small things for mrs.hugness's class with tia on our acoustic babies (acoustic guitars) it was coolness. although i messed up quite a bit and in the middle of the song, there was a hold, and they started clapping cuz they thought it was over haha so we had to stop. and some people had no clue what song it was. only the losers dont know! other wise that was the only cool part of the day. derek hates me. oh wow. thanks to luke. well that adds to the list of people that hate me. well i think, thats only 1 person that i know of lol, but people used to hate be like 2 weeks ago. but that is all over now! *whipes sweat* fffeuww! i think im in love...i used to be with derek but he hates me. *kicks the wall* tomorrow we are watching elf in school haha. gay huh? NO ITS NOT. i love that movie! i'll say its a kick ass movie! lol. during set today maddie showed me a big cut thingy on her hand, it was like wide and it looked painful. she said she was watching tv and she had a pink eraser and started just erasing herself with it. like going back and forwarth with it on the top of her hand. and then when she looked down. she realized she ripped her skin off! i was like o_o *drops mouth open* haha. sorry, had to share that, it was funny. yeah well i got something to type. for english uhhh. why do i need to do this english crap. i know how to speak english EX: i fucking when to the fucking park to fucking day and i fucking saw a fucking peice of fucking dog fucking shit. i yelled BITCH what the fucking fuck is that? and my fucking ass friend said. its your fucking shit you fucking ass douche. see. im sooo obsessed and in love with the used. looky, some pics of them and QUINN!!! the guitarist in the used. hes the hottest fucking thang i have ever seen!




HELL YEAH!! thats my boyfriend!! i wish haha *slaps myself* ahhhh hes sooooooooo fricken hott!!! oh my fucking god, i could just stare at him all day, and i wouldnt get bored. *kisses the screen* hahaha! MUAH!!

OMG MY GOOOOOODNESS!!! HES BLOWING ME A KISS!!!!!! SEE THAT?! DO YOU FUCKING SEE THAT!!!!?????? *cathes the kiss and smears it all over my lips* HEHE I LOVE QUINN ALLMAN SOOO FUCKING MUCH!!! cant wait to see him at the tour! im going to jump on him and i wont let go of him once i get a hold of him haha.♥

headbang lol
haha look its john, david, alex, max. headbang, hell thats right hahaha nice guys. i havent been to any of the dances. i dont see how they can be that fun. those dances are gay. especially the dj hahaha gay as hell i say, gay.

well more laters
leave some luvin'
xxmichelle durstxx

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